Moscow Mules For Two

Livekerfully- Moscow Mules For Two

It is no coincidence that I’m sharing this post on Thirsty Thursday! Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the Live Kerfully Moscow Mule. This delightful cocktail is my absolute favorite! Truth is, I usually have a new favorite cocktail each year. After about 365 days of ordering the same drink at bars my palate needs a change. Just kidding, I don’t drink every day! However, last year I found that drinking an excess of vodka soda was not a good choice, and I substituted my low-cal beverage for the good stuff…ginger beer. My ideal cocktail has around 2 oz. of alcohol and some sort of juice or soda that does a great job at masking the taste, but still gets the job done.

These fabulous Moscow Mules were concocted on New Year’s Eve. I started this exciting evening by taking out my two favorite copper mugs, filling them both with ice, and pouring in roughly 2 oz. of Absolute Vodka. Next, I poured half a bottle of Reed’s Ginger Beer into each mug. Follow with a squeeze of lime, stir, and garnish with a sprig of mint. I like to add an extra lime slice on the edge of each mug, this way you have the option for extra lime or use it purely for presentation.


It’s almost the weekend, grab a drinking buddy and enjoy!