10 Facts About Me

Photography by Claire Oring

Photography by Claire Oring

I thought the best way for those of you who read my blog to get to know me is with a few fun facts about myself, so here it goes!


1.     I am an identical triplet. I have two sisters, Sandra & Stefani, and they are my best friends. We live almost 400 miles apart and we call each other every morning.

2.     As a triplet, we are usually asked our birth order and I am the oldest. Even though I am older by a mere 30 seconds, we tend to stick true to our roles as oldest, middle, and the baby.

3.     I am a California girl born and raised. I was born in San Francisco and after moving to LA for college I just couldn’t bear to leave SoCal. When you can’t complain about the weather, what’s not to love?

4.     I am 100% Irish - my parents are immigrants from the old country.

5.     I love to travel and try to plan at least one big trip (where I leave the USA) a year. Usually, this involves paying a visit to Ireland about every two years to see family.

6.     Early mornings are my favorite. I’m definitely a morning person and when the sun is up, so am I. I love to get as many chores out of the way or finish a workout before I get into work.

7.     Speaking of workouts… my favorite workout routines are running and barre.

8.     Being that my favorite time of day is the morning, breakfast food is also my true love. I would choose breakfast for dinner any day.

9.     I am a Pisces, which makes me rather sensitive, empathetic, creative, and intuitive.

10.  Your personality says a ton about you! My personality type is ENFJ. If you don’t know yours, I recommend you take this quiz.