A Morning in Malibu

Malibu Farm

Living in LA offers many reasons to venture to neighboring cities and suburbs on a quiet Sunday morning. When I’m not up bright and early hiking in Runyon Canyon, I can be found at the beach. One weekend not too many weeks ago, Matt and I decided to switch up our normal hiking trail and check out one in Malibu. There's nothing like a change in scenery! We threw on our running shoes and took off for the Pacific Coast Highway. While driving along the beautiful PCH we realized we should have checked the weather forecast! Despite what most people think of sunny California, we also get rainy days. Our spontaneous decision to drive out to Malibu happened to be one of those days!

Since we were already in Malibu, our hike was to be postponed for another day. Although, our Malibu adventure was still in the cards. Knowing my strong love for lattes, Matt took us straight to Malibu Farm. This adorable restaurant is nestled into the Malibu Pier. I had never been here before, and I immediately regretted already eating breakfast when I saw the delicious food coming out of the kitchen. I will definitely drive back (on a sunny day) sometime soon! While waiting for our coffees, I snapped a few pictures from the outside of the restaurant. The rain poured harder, which made us get back in the car with our minds set on driving back to West Hollywood. 

Driving south on PCH to make our way to the 10, Matt and I made a quick decision to pull over once again when something caught our eye. Known for its oversized chairs, table, and bottle of wine, the Rosenthal Tasting Room is a great detour on a rainy day. Relaxing indoors with five different pours of Rosenthal wines was actually much better than hiking! While the weather wasn’t the best, we still made the most out of a rainy day with our morning in Malibu.

Morning in Malibu
Morning in Malibu