A Guide To Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle-Livekerfully

There is no doubt about it, Ashford Castle is my new favorite place… in the world. Maybe my next adventure will have me rescinding that statement, but I doubt it! After one night waking up in a bed fit for a queen, the feeling that you are on vacation really hits you. And oh wow, that view! A winter morning by the lake is so peaceful; I honestly felt like I had been brought back in time.

Ashford Castle-Livekerfully
Ashford Castle-Livekerfully
Ashford Castle-Livekerfully

While I was unable to spend Thanksgiving with family, I did get to experience one of best places in the world. Travel + Leisure awarded Ashford Castle the No. 1 best resort hotel in the United Kingdom and Ireland in 2016. Also this year, Condé Nast voted Ashford as No. 5 in the top resorts in Europe. As a guest of this 13th century castle, I can see why Ashford received such high marks. Every guest is treated with the utmost respect and gratitude to make them feel right at home, as if the castle were their own.  After receiving a $140 million renovation in the last two years, this hotel features the most up-to-date technology. No more ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs hanging from your door. At the press of a button next to your bed, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign will appear digitally outside your door.  I was like a kid in mom’s new car- I had to press all the buttons! We immediately turned on the heated floors in the bathroom, just because.

Nevertheless, the ultimate feature of Ashford is the service. It is truly incomparable to any hotel or resort I’ve ever experienced. The swift service, friendly demeanor, and luxurious amenities make Ashford a top notch hotel, and one worth splurging on for a night or two. Luckily, we found that visiting in the wintertime meant half the normal nightly rate so we decided to add it to our trip. I’m so glad we did!

Throughout my visits to Ireland, and particularly the west of Ireland, I visited Ashford Castle many times with my mother, who was born and raised just forty-five minutes north of the castle. We would stop by Ashford to walk the grounds or dine in one of the many dining rooms, but this was my first time staying overnight and feeling like the queen of the castle had its perks. Staying the night meant that we could take our time, while enjoying a bottle of wine at dinner, which then led to after-dinner drinks in the billiards room. We spent Thanksgiving eve playing snooker, and Matt took the time to teach me how to play chess. In my humble opinion, learning how to play chess in a 13th century castle is the only time that losing is fun.

Ashford Castle-Livekerfully

Waking up to the empty grounds and the view of the calm water on Lough Corrib is something that I miss so dearly as I write this back in Los Angeles. The hustle and bustle of city life can’t always be beat, but Ashford’s peacefulness takes all your worries away. Time stands still at Ashford and for that I will go back.

Ashford Castle-Livekerfully

Where To Stay:

·      The Castle

·      The Lodge


Where To Eat/Drink:

·      George the IV Room

·      The Dungeon Restaurant

·      The Connaught Room

·      The Drawing Room

·      Cullen’s at the Cottage


What To Do:

·      Equestrian

·      Falconry

·      Boat Tour

·      Walk/Jog the ground

·      Spa Day

·      Golf