A Guide To Galway


Two nights in Galway was not enough. This charming city has all the allure of the west, or the wesht, as the Galwegians like to say. The kindness of the people, the music in the pubs, and the peacefulness that is Galway make you want to stay awhile. If Ireland had a motto, it would be: Take Your Time. Every Ireland native will tell you this, whether you are in a hurry or not. In Ireland, you just have to take it all in- the fresh country air, the beautiful cobblestone streets, or the sound of a busker on Shop Street. With so much charm, it’s hard to know where to start.



Firstly, Galway has a special place in my heart. It is after all the city where my mother and most recently, my sister, attended university. Visiting Galway means stopping at Tigh Neachtain for a pint. This is one of the most treasured, oldest pubs, and it also happens to be my mother’s college bar, which makes me love it that much more. You squeeze your way into little booths to sit, drink, and enjoy live music. They say home is where your Wi-Fi connects automatically, well on this visit I was surprised to find that at Tigh Neachtain my Wi-Fi connected automatically to my iPhone. Yes, I was right at home.

The city itself is so small you can walk around and see it all in a matter of hours. This time of year Eyre Square was home to the Christmas Market, where pop-up cabins full of sweets and knick-knacks are sold. If you stay at Hotel Meyrick you’ll have a great view of the action, as well as the Ferris wheel. For a cup of coffee to warm you up, check out Coffeewerk + Press. I was astounded to see the barista make the loveliest swan latte art in my cup. I’ll be going back! Right next door to Coffeewerk is also home to one of my family’s favorite restaurants, Artisan. This restaurant brings you upstairs to a quaint dining room setting, where you can watch the action of Quay Street from above, or ignore it peacefully with a glass of wine. Your choice!

 Since we visited Galway in the winter, it was not the best time of year to plan a trip to the Aran Islands so we decided to save that stop on the itinerary for another time. If you are in Galway any other season of the year, I advise hoping on a boat to Inishmore where you can cross the tiny island by bike, by carriage, or by foot. Four years ago I cycled Inishmore with my sisters and it was one of the best sister bonding moments we’ve had!

The Irish motto is also a great travel motto, isn’t it? Take Your Time

Where To Stay:

·      Hotel Meyrick

·      The G

·      The Western

·      Radisson Blu

·      The Salt Hill Hotel


Where To Eat:

·      Cava Bodega

·      Artisan

·      McSwiggans

·      Rouge

·      Cupan Tae

·      Sheridan’s Cheese Monger & Wine Bar

·      McDonagh’s

·      Coffee at Coffeewerk + Press


Where To Drink:

·      Tigh Neachtain

·      The Quay’s Bar

·      The Skeff

·      Taafes

·      The Front Door

·      Bierhaus

·      The Salt House


What To Do:

·      Tour the Aran Islands

·      Hill climbing in Connemara

·      Spanish Arch Museum

·      Attend a play by the Druid Theatre Company

·      Explore the grounds of NUIG founded in 1645